Alan Flanagan


Alan is an Irish writer for both drama and comedy across television and radio productions. He has written for the Dark Shadows series of audio dramas for Big Finish Productions since 2013 as well as their Doctor Who series. He co-created the successful Dark Shadows: Bloodlust miniseries and has since written, script edited and co-produced on subsequent series along with being head writer for the DS specials series Quentin & Maggie and Tony & Cassandra. Since graduating with an MA in Scriptwriting from Goldsmiths, he has also written a number of theatre productions, worked as a script editor and is a visiting lecturer in screenwriting at Sussex University. Alan is now bringing his considerable talents and energy to his own projects and is actively developing a number of TV drama series.


Television (in development):
Papertrail When former journalist Zaynab Taylor returns to the tabloid world after thirteen years, she must face an unrecognisable industry, a fractured home life – and a serial killer who’s targeting the media.
(Returning drama spec script)
Shuffle When a group of strangers swap bodies, they must learn to live each other’s lives, keep each other’s secrets, and search for a cure – all while evading enemies who seek to harness the phenomenon for themselves.
(Returning drama spec script)
77 York Way A putrid London flatshare becomes all the more unbearable when the residents open the door to face their time-travelling selves – they’ve come from the future, they need a place to stay, and their names are on the lease.
(Comedy spec script)
Audio drama:
Doctor Who Big Finish Productions
Writer (The Jabari Countdown) 1 x 60 mins
Dark Shadows: Thirteen Big Finish Productions
Writer and Co-producer for this 13-episode sequel to Dark Shadows: Windcliff
Writer: 7 x 40 mins; Producer / Script Editor: 13 x 40 mins (In production)
Dark Shadows: Windcliff Big Finish Productions
Script Editor for this 13-episode sequel to Dark Shadows: Bloodline.
Script Editor: 13 x 40 mins (In production)
Dark Shadows: Bloodline Big Finish Productions
Co-creator and Co-writer of this 13-episode sequel series to Dark Shadows: Bloodlust.
Writer: 4 x 40 mins
Dark Shadows: Bloodlust Big Finish Productions
Co-creator and Co-writer of the miniseries based on the 1970s US television series Dark Shadows. A 13-episode serialised season featuring two dozen characters which became an Amazon bestseller and was shortlisted for BBC Audio Drama of the Year.
Writer: 5 x 40 mins
Dark Shadows: Tony & Cassandra Big Finish Productions
Head Writer and Script Supervisor for the 12-episode character specials series.
Writer: 2 x 60 mins
Dark Shadows: Quentin & Maggie Big Finish Productions
Head Writer and Script Supervisor for the 4-episode character specials series.
Writer: 1 x 60 mins
Dark Shadows Big Finish Productions
Script Editor and Writer for the Dark Shadows audiobook series based on the US television series of the same name from the 1970s with the new audio stories now performed by the original cast.
Writer: 1 x 60 mins; Script Editor: 12 x 60 mins
Confessions of Dorian Gray Big Finish Productions
Writer (Christmas Special: All Through the House) 1 x 60 mins
Short film:
The Charm Blind Eye Films
Writer / Director
The story of a relationship told over a decade as Fiona (Laura Whitmore – ITV) and Leo (Brendan O’Rourke – Game of Thrones) jostle in and out of break-ups, unable to quite let go of one another.
Garvey & Sayers Robert Greens Productions
Writer / Actor
A friendship told as a love story, Garvey & Sayers follows best friends Tim and Rob through first meeting, moving in together, and the inevitable question of how long a friendship can really survive.
The Red Line What Elephant Productions
This adaptation of the Charlie Higson short story follows three lost strangers through the streets of London – until they meet with tragic consequences.
Screened At: Cork Film Festival, Calgary International Film Festival, Molodist International Film Festival
Super Brainy Zombies Chewing Sand Productions
A group of narcissistic film-makers have their zombie film interrupted by actual zombies.
Screened At: BFI Future Film Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, YouTube (200,000 views)
Bingo SLAM Productions
Writer / Actor – Pleasance Theatre (2018)
Cormac’s life in a run-down squat on a zero hours contract somehow gets even worse when he visits the STI clinic – and discovers that he truly is the man who has everything.
Everyone’s Dead! Refractive Lens Theatre
Writer / Actor
Edinburgh Fringe (2016)
The end of the world has been and gone, and after sneezing disease Speckles wipes out eight billion people the only survivors are best friends Liz and Seamus – so they decide to record an oral history of the apocalypse as a very unusual podcast.
Dupont & Davenport Refractive Lens Theatre
Writer / Actor
Edinburgh Fringe / Dublin Gay Theatre Festival (2014/2016)
David falls madly in love with Joe, and then Joe has the temerity to get killed in a car wreck. Now David’s left to pick up the pieces of a man he never truly never knew, and to find out what happens when ‘boy meets boy’ becomes ‘boy meets end’.
Awards & nominations:
Best New Writing (Billy Redden) – International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, 2010
Shortlisted: Best Online Audio Drama (Dark Shadows: Bloodlust) – BBC Audio Drama Awards, 2016
Longlisted: Writer – Old Vic New Voices, 2015
Nominated: Best New Writing (I Run, I Sing, I Swim, I Dive) – International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival, 2013
Professional training:
Goldsmiths, University of London, MA in Scriptwriting (2012 – 2013)
Second City Toronto, Improvised Comedy Training & Sketch Comedy Writing (2011 – 2012)