Lee Skelly

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Lee Skelly is an experienced director for British television drama. Since 2009, he has directed over 100 episodes of teen-drama series Hollyoaks for Lime Pictures and Channel 4. In 2015, he directed the groundbreaking twentieth anniversary week, which saw a number of explosive storylines reach a thrilling climax; the dramatic unmasking of the Gloved Hand Killer, Harry and Ste’s secret relationship exposed during the first Hollyoaks Gay Pride Festival and, in an action packed leap into a raging river, Freddie, Robbie and Jason’s attempt to escape from a murderous Trevor. Additionally, Lee has been the main director on the Hollyoaks opening titles; developing titles concepts with digital artist/designer, directing the artists and heavy-use of digital effects work.

Lee also wrote and directed the award winning short film A Pint in Purgatory and most recently, has also helmed multiple episodes of BBC’s popular daytime drama Doctors.

Previous to having a career as a Director, Lee worked as a Camera operator, working in both a single and multi camera environment. This has only bolstered his technical knowledge and proved a great asset when directing within both setups. As well as working within a drama capacity, Lee also works within a live, multi camera corporate news environment, directing and vision mixing.


Hollyoaks Lime Pictures / Channel 4
Core-director for the continuing teen-drama series
Director for over 100 episodes including numerous milestone episodes, including the recent 20th Anniversary episode week
Doctors BBC
Continuing day-time medical drama
Director of 10+ episodes (2014 – present)
Short film:
Lorna Writer/Director
Moving-drama looking through the window of social isolation, and how changes within our society and technology are increasingly fuelling it. Starring Helen Pearson (2017)
A Pint in Purgatory Writer/Director
Winner in the international category for Best Drama at the New York International film and video festival 200