Matt Anderson


Matt is an Australian writer now based in the UK. Currently he produces and writes for the Channel 4 drama Hollyoaks having previously worked there as a script editor. He was also previously a writer and script editor for the international hit soap Home and Away. Before moving to the UK he worked extensively in Australia for a number of producers in a variety of writing and script editing roles. Matt has a particular interest in crime and mystery dramas and is currently developing several television projects and a feature film. Past projects have received funding from ScreenACT and Screen Australia.

Television (writing credits):
Hollyoaks Lime Pictures / Channel 4
Writer for the popular Channel 4 soap.
1 x 30′ episode
Home and Away Seven Network
Writer for the internationally successful soap.
13 x 30′ episodes
Television (in development):
Lone Creek Seven Seas Films
60-minute returning drama series following a detective flown into a remote mining town in Western Australia to investigate the murder of a young backpacker.
Writer / Creator
Candy After she was almost beaten to death, a cop tracks down her attacker and kills him. Desperate to cover up the murder, she makes a deal with a crime boss: an alibi in exchange for coming to work for him. Forced into a dark and violent world, she’s constantly under threat from both sides of the law, while searching for a way out of the deal…
Pilot script for a returning series.
Forgotten A retired detective, secretly suffering from dementia, is forced to re-examine his son’s murder from 21 years ago when another body is found along with a note claiming to be from the same killer. The only problem is he caught and killed the person who murdered his son long ago… so did he get the wrong guy? Returning to the quiet highland town he abandoned, he’s desperate to find the truth, but will his mind hold out long enough to find it?
Pilot script for a series.
Hawkshaw Development funded by ScreenACT
When a private investigator is sentenced to house arrest, he recruits a fifteen year old computer geek to be his “man on the street”. With the PI in desperate need of the income to support his failing restaurant, the kid is the cheapest and only solution, at least until he can shake this pesky house arrest thing…
Pilot script for a returning series.
Television (other credits):
Hollyoaks Lime Pictures / Channel 4
Currently a producer on the Channel 4 drama.
100+ episodes
Hollyoaks Lime Pictures / Channel 4
Previously worked as a script editor on the show.
50 episodes
Home and Away Seven Network
Script Editor
120 episodes
Feature film (in development):
The Wedding Video A promiscuous woman who has no interest in relationships is given a DVD of her wedding that takes place three years in the future. Unable to fight the curiosity, she sets out to find the groom in the video, but is she ready for what she might find?
Feature film treatment.