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Empires Jewel
Empires Jewel
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Pavan is a British-Indian screenwriter for film and television drama. Pavan’s pilot script THE EMPIRE’S JEWEL was recently shortlisted (top 12) for the Bisha K Ali Sky & Netflix Screenwriters’ Fellowship and he has been selected for the BBC Writer’s Academy 2022.

Pavan draws inspiration from a variety of places; his childhood growing up in the Middle East, British TV & Films, Hollywood, Indian cinema and his love for comics to create intricate and suspenseful dramas, often highlighting underrepresented characters and settings. Pavan has experience working on television productions and has completed the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting.

Television drama (spec scripts)
The Empire’s Jewel Period drama-thriller. At the onset of WW2, a British Detective is sent to India to stop a Network of extreme revolutionists who use deception and spycraft to try to end 200 years of British oppression. But it’s his Indian aid, who is reluctantly embedded in the Network, who could be the most dangerous threat…
(1 x 60’ Returning drama spec script)
Hastings Crime-drama. After making an arrest for a high-profile murder case, detective Dan Gupta fears he’s got the wrong person. He must put the pieces together, but when it leads him down a path of deceit, conspiracy, and corruption, what Dan unearths is far more significant than any one murder.
(1 x 60’ Returning drama spec script)
Feature Film (spec scripts):
Camel Boy Middle-eastern-set drama feature. After being sold and trafficked from his small Indian Village to live a desolate and harrowing life of a Camel Jockey in the Middle East, Ali must hatch a plan for him and two others to escape the prison-like farm they are trapped on. Based on true events.
Watchtower Action-thriller feature. When an MI6 special agent and her partner get caught up in a web of conspiracy, they must steal valuable intel to hunt out the mole inside MI6 as well as capture the dangerous arms dealer known as Osborne…
Professional training
BBC Writers Academy 2022 – full-time lectures from Sept-Dec 2022; followed by pilot script and series bible commission
UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting.